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Why does the UV lamp metal head always melt and break? 

1、The copper frame of UV lamp will oxidate with over times working and goes with partially poor contact which causes current overload.  

2、New led lamp melt is because metal head poor contact with frame. Please check whether the copper contact of lamp frame is oxidation or not and check spring is with elasticity. 

Why can't UV lamp be lightened after few hours woking(lamp is intact)

1、Halogen lamp:  Wrong ratio of halogenide, lower output of transformer or higher tube voltage 

2、Finsen lamp: electrode problem,  inner quality problem or air leakage of lamp.

Why are the both sides of UV lamp being black?

Spalling of electrode powder adheres to the tube is normal when it reaches its service time but it is not normal if service time is only 100-200 hours.

Why does UV lamp explosion when working?

1. Current overload such as line short.  

2. Something hits the tube when in new suction.

3. Poor contact of electrode and Mo-Pt.

Why does UV lamp always reduce voltage when working and can't recovery.

1.  Too much ventilation.

2. low temperature of cold end electrode.

3. low level of network voltage causes low level of transformer output voltage.

4. Mismatching of power supply system and lamp parameters.

Why does UV lamp turn to be dim and green-yellow color when its current and voltage are both normal?

1. Wrong lamp tube power rate parameters.  

2. Slow leakage phenomenon of lamp tube.

3. imcomplete air exhaust when producing lamp tube.

4. Mismatching of power supply system and lamp parameters.

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