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Shenzhen Garle Electric Technologies Co., Ltd. is a National High-Tech Enterprise and a Software Enterprise recognized by Shenzhen Municipal Science & Technology and Information Bureau. Garle specializes in R&D, production and marketing of intelligent UV variable frequency power supplies, laser power supplies and other inverter power supplies supplied to medium and high end equipment manufacturers.

With expertise based on indigenously developed intellectual property rights, Garle works with customers to quickly provide customers with personalized solutions for development of the company and growth of customer values.

In pursuit of customers' confidence in our products, Garle deliver superior quality and service to customers, break the monopoly of foreign brands, and provide maximum values for customers at home and abroad, which is the company's mission.

Following the spirit of innovation and pioneering, Garle employs modern enterprise management practices in creating workflows standardized and efficient internal processes.

The core technology of Garle is creation of products characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, stability, compactness, and light weight through the use of advanced  power vector control algorithms in power supply control, high frequency switching power supplies,  IGBT inverters and other modern electric and electronic technology.  Up to now, Garle has been awarded more than 20 patents, including 1 patent of invention, more than 10 patents of utility models, more than 5 patents for the appearance, and more than 10 software copyrights.

Garle's products are widely used in printing, painting, woodworking machinery, tinplate printing and other industries.


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